منظومة إدارة الفنادق - HMS

تسعير المنظومة

قائمة التطبيقات (الأسعار بالجنية المصري)
التطبيق الكود المتطلبات السعر
ملفات قاعدة البيانات (Access 2003) DBS لا يوجد مجانا
تطبيق مستخدمي المنظومة AUS DBS مجانا
تطبيق الحسابات العامة GAS DBS, AUS مجانا
تطبيق كتالوج العناصر ICM DBS, AUS, GAS مجانا
تطبيق القوى العاملة MPS DBS, GAS مجانا
تطبيق البيانات الأساسية للفندق HBD DBS, AUS, GAS, ICM for outlets مجانا
تطبيق الإستقبال HFO DBS, HBD 400
تطبيق المنافذ HOT HBD 50
تطبيق حجز المجموعات HGR HFO 50
تطبيق خدمة الغرف HRS HFO مجانا
تطبيق التقارير الإدارية HMR HFO, HOT مجانا
تطبيق مراقبة المخزون SCS ICM مجانا
تطبيق المشتريات (التوريدات) MSM UCM, SCS مجانا
الإجمـــالى 500
The cost of the total Software is 500 LE. you can download HMS modules free. To get the software on CD, you have to pay only the shipment cost of the CD (Contact your local courier tp pick the CD from Cairo). No handeling cost of the CD).
Technical Support and Training through Internet is free for the first year. After the first year, the Cost of Technical Support and Training through Internet or Telephone is 10 Egyptian Pounds per Hour or 300 LE Yearly for unlimited hours.
Technical Support includes the right to have new versions and Software updates.
The cost of in-house training and technical support is 150 LE per day inside Egypt and 100 Euro outside Egypt. Travelling cost and full accommodation is added for hotels outside Cairo.
The cost of conversion of Access database to any other relational database is subject to special agreemenet.
The cost of additional reports, inquiries, or special functional requirements is subject to special agreemenet. Corrections of any bugs found is free (not expected any way).
The License includes the right to install and run the system's modules on any number of computers belonging to same hotel.
You may pay us by mony transfer transfer through Western Union or Bank Transfere to our Bank Account or direct cash payement to our address. Contact us for payment Methods.
Beneficiary Name:
Ezzat Abdel Moneim Helal
Bank Name:
National Bank of Egypt - Al-Hegaz Branch
Bank Address:
National Bank of Egypt - Al-Hegaz Branch;
Al-Hegaz Street; Heliopolis; Cairo; EGYPT
Bank Account number US Dollar: 36000117179

Swift Code: nbe/geg/cxa115

Bank Account Number Misrian Bounds: 36054038571